On Facebook recently, there was a challenge to place little pieces of paper in a jar. Those pieces of paper would consist of “suprise gifts, accomplished goals, the beauty of nature, LOL moments, memories and daily blessings”. This would start 1-1-2014, and then on 12-31-14 you would open your jar and read all the wonderful blessings that occurred throughout the year. So on 1-1-2014 just after Midnight, I was reading Psalm 64:10 and did a word study on the last word ‘glory’. In short, per the Strong’s Concordence glory means “to make a show, to boast, to celebrate”. Yes! We as God’s Saints will make a show of, boast about, and celebrate God’s answers to prayers, of His Creation, of all that He does. We will glorify and praise His Holy Name for who He is.


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